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Stalking and Harrassment

Stalking is when a person or group of people show unwanted, obsessive behaviour towards others. This usually takes place over a period of time and could be;

  • regularly sending gifts or flowers
  • unwanted phonecalls or texts
  • cyberstalking
  • blackmail
  • physical or sexual assault
  • damage to property or belongings

Stalking is not always committed by strangers, even if you know your stalker it is still not acceptable. If the behaviour is unwanted and makes you feel unsafe then it is stalking and you should not have to put up with it.
Side effects of stalking include;

  •  Severe psychological distress
  •  Anxiety
  •  Paranoia
  •  Agoraphobia
  •  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Always carry a mobile phone and vary your routines.
  • Tell somebody if you are going out and when you expect to be back
  • Do not confront your stalker
  • Tell the police; write down a description of the stalker, what they looked like, what they were wearing, any details of a car if they were driving (especially the registration number)
  • Tell the police if anyone else saw or heard what happened
  • Tell friends, neighbours and colleagues what is happening and ask them to keep a record if they see or hear anything
  • Use complex passwords for computers, do not use obvious security questions
  • Social network sites are not secure, only add trusted friends and family members and ensure you use the highest privacy and security settings.
  • Evidence from CCTV from a camera in plain view can provide evidence at court, hidden video cameras can not
  • It is important to keep envelopes, as well as the content. Try to handle items as little as possible
  • Tape record telephone conversations if you can and be sure to keep the tape
  • Write down what text messages say and the content of any calls, including the caller's number and time of message/call was received. If calls are received on your landline or answer machine dial 1471 and write down callers number/time of call and any other details
  • Keep any stored voicemail messages or texts and write down the telephone numbers
  • Do not tamper with or throw away the mobile telephone or SIM card
  • Screen phone calls and don't answer any calls from the stalker. If you do answer by accident, hang up immediately
  • Remove spyware from your mobile phone
  • Print and keep any emails
  • Print and keep any social messaging conversations