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Domestic Violence (DV) Advice

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Anyone can experience domestic violence, whether there are children in the relationship or not. It is rarely a one off event and tends to get more severe and happens more often over time, sometimes ending in fatalities.

Domestic Violence is when one person uses controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour towards another person aged 16 yrs or over, who have had a close relationship. This can be current or ex-partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Making another person submit to or dependent on you by isolating them from sources of support. Taking away their money, stopping them from seeing their family and friends or controlling what they do day to day.

Behaviour that is used to harm, punish or frighten their victim, like assault, threats, humiliation or intimidation.

There are three important steps to take;

  • Recognise that it is happening
  • Accept that you are not to blame
  • Get help.

Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA) -  01744 743 200

The IDVA provides short to medium term advice and support to victims of domestic violence/abuse, those at high risk of repeat incidents. An assessment will be carried out so that a plan can be developed on how best to help.

  • The aim of the role is to increase the safety of survivors of domestic violence and their children
  • to support victims through the Criminal Justice System
  • help victims deal with the emotional effects of DV
  • to assist victims with housing problems

Helena Extra 24-hour Domestic Violence Helpline -  01925 220 541

St Helens Council Domestic Violence Team -  domesticviolence@sthelens.gov.uk

Merseyside Police Family Crime Investigation Unit - 0151 777 1590

All incidents of DV should be reported to Merseyside Police, as soon as possible.There is a team of specialist officers, who are trained to support people in such vulnerable situations.

We understand it can take a lot of courage to do this, but it the first step towards making sure you and your children (if you have any) are safe. Other local agencies will also be able to help you.