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Weights and measures

We visit most businesses with weighing or measuring equipment at least once every two years. 

During our visits we check the accuracy of:

  • scales
  • petrol pumps
  • beer meters and spirit measures
  • any other type of weighing or measuring equipment used for trade.

If necessary, we can stop inaccurate equipment being used until the problem is fixed. 

We also visit our manufacturing businesses and ensure that the goods they produce are correctly described and are the correct weight, measure or volume. We provide advice to these businesses to assist them in meeting their obligations with the least cost possible.

Fair Measure On The Forecourt  

For most people, the biggest monthly cost after housing and food is fuel for their car. Therefore it is important that the pump delivering fuel into your car is accurate. We inspect petrol stations regularly to ensure that the pumps are measuring correctly and that prices are clearly indicated.

Many of the petrol retailers in St Helens have signed up to our 'Fair Measure On The Forecourt' scheme and are eligible to display the logo on their pumps to show that they have been tested for accuracy by us.

If you would like any advice regarding weights and measures, please contact us on 01744 676789.