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Underage sales

We have the responsibility to enforce the law regarding the sale of alcohol, tobacco and other age-restricted products.

We work with retailers to ensure that they, and their staff, understand the law. It is illegal for age restricted goods to be sold to those who are below the specified age limit. A trader can be prosecuted and may lose their licence if they make an illegal sale. We are assisted by young volunteers to test if retailers are selling to young people and then can take the appropriate enforcement action if they do so.

If you are aware of an incident of age-restricted products being sold to an underage person in St Helens, please contact us on 01744 676789 or tradingstandards@sthelens.gov.uk.

Proof of age

Traders should always ask young people to produce proof of their age, such as a national Proof of Age Standards (PASS) scheme card, a photocard driving licence or a passport. Any refusals of restricted products to underage children should be logged on a refusal sales sheet or in a refusal book.

For young people in St Helens who require identification to prove their age, please visit the PASS scheme website.