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Doorstep Crime

Before you read on, please watch the above video, which highlights just how doorstep crime and financial abuse takes hold on someone vulnerable.

You should always be careful when answering your door to someone you don't know. Sometimes people can come with criminal intentions, wanting to get inside your home. They may tell you that:

  • your house needs to be repaired
  • they will tarmac your driveway
  • trees need cutting
  • they are from the council or water company and need to check something inside your property

These bogus callers can be male, female, old or young, and may be on their own or in a group.

If you think that you have been approached by, or been a victim of, a bogus caller please contact us on 0808 223 1133.

To keep you safe:

  • Fix a security chain or spyhole to your door and use it whenever anyone knocks
  • If you feel unsure about the caller - don't answer the door
  • If you feel unsure after speaking to the person at the door - say "no thanks", and close it
  • Never go to the bank or building society with a caller or workman
  • Remember that, if you are looking for work to be done on your home, we have a Trader Register that provides a list of local traders who have committed to fair and honest trading

No Cold Calling Zones

We have set up a number of No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZ) across St Helens.

A NCCZ is an area in which the residents have stated that they do not wish traders to call at their homes without being invited.

The zones are designed to:

  • reduce doorstep crime, bogus workmen and distraction burglaries
  • stop 'cold callers'
  • educate residents and help them to refuse cold callers