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We aim to stop counterfeit goods being sold in the borough. Imitations of branded goods are often dangerous, poor quality and poor value. Buying fakes can help fund serious organised crimes and cost jobs in legitimate businesses.

Counterfeit goods are illegal copies of well-known branded goods produced without the permission of the company. Lots of different types of products are counterfeited, for example: clothing and footwear, CDs and DVDs, watches, perfume, cigarettes and alcohol.

Counterfeiting causes harm in many ways:

  • Fakes are poor-quality goods.
  • They may be unsafe.
  • Fakes cost jobs - they affect genuine business and harm the UK economy.
  • It is a serious criminal offence to make or sell counterfeits and carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

We visit car boot sales, markets and shops to establish whether or not counterfeit goods are being sold. We have powers to seize counterfeit goods and report the person for prosecution.

To report somebody selling counterfeit goods, please ring 0808 223 1133 or, if you would prefer to give information anonymously, contact Crimestoppers.