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Licensing a New Vehicle

  • Complete either the Hackney Carriage Application Form or the Private Hire Vehicle Application Form (Hackney Carriages are limited to 63 with no availability).
  • Submit the application form by either emailing it to us, or posting it in the 'Licensing Inbox', which is located in the Contact Centre at Wesley House.
  • Once we have checked the application form we will contact you to arrange a test date, take payment for your application and to book an appointment to collect the vehicle licences after the test. Please see our licensing fees.
  • Once the vehicle has passed its test, please bring your ‘Vehicle Compliance Certificate’ with a valid insurance document and proof of current road tax with you to your appointment.
  • Your application form must be accompanied with one of the following documents to prove ownership:
    • A full V5 logbook
    • Bill of sale
    • Section 10 of the V5 logbook (the green slip)

Tests will be conducted on all vehicles at the council-approved testing station at Hardshaw Brook Depot every six months.

Important: Please contact us for general advice before purchasing any new vehicle to ensure it meets our standards of eligibility.

If your vehicle passes its first test of the year (usually April to September), the first time, you will no longer require a further test within that year (usually October to March). You will still need to apply for and obtain a new six-month licence and plates. Licences will remain as a six-month issue. Should this new system be successful, those passing their vehicle test first time from April 2018 will be issued with a new one-year vehicle licence. Fees for this will be published early in the new year. The change to vehicle licensing is with effect from 1 October 2017.

You will receive a reminder (either by text or by post), at least 3 months prior to expiry. It is important that you contact us and make an appointment immediately. 

Expired licence holders will have to reapply as a new applicant.

Reminders are sent as a matter of courtesy and it remains your responsibility to renew in good time.

If a renewal application is not received before the expiry date, then there is no licence to renew and any subsequent request will be treated as a new application, with all the necessary checks starting again.


The following processes must be completed to renew your vehicle licence:

  • Contact us to arrange a test for your vehicle and to pay the appropriate fees.
  • Once the vehicle has passed its test, please bring your ‘Vehicle Compliance Certificate’ with a valid insurance document and proof of current road tax to Wesley House for your licences to be issued.

Please Note: Any vehicles that are not renewed prior to the expiry of the former licence, will be treated as a new application.

Contact us to arrange appointment: By Email or 01744 676770.

The Council's Licensing and Environmental Protection Committee adopted the current test inspection manual for hackney/private hire vehicles testing in May 2008.

The Council cannot is not allowed to restrict the number of private hire vehicles.

Hackney Carriages are limited to 63 and all plates are currently issued.

We operate a waiting list for Hackney plates. Add your name to the Hackney Carriage waiting list.

View the current Hackney Carriage Waiting List