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Private Hire Operators

You should first contact Planning to ensure you have the correct planning consent in place for your premises.

A private hire operator may only use drivers and vehicles that are licensed by the same authority.

If you want to operate a vehicle as a private hire vehicle, that is, to invite or accept bookings for the vehicle in the course of business, this requires an operator's licence.

It is an offence to operate a private hire vehicle without this licence.

To arrange an appointment, please email us.

When you attend your appointment, you must bring the following:

All new applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the Taxi Licensing Policy.

Introduction of the option to request a one-year driver or operator licence

The applicant would have to request and state case as to why they required a one-year driver or operator licence as the authority cannot issue them under general circumstances. This option is available to all of the trade and prices for these licences can be found on the fees page.

Taxi Licensing Policy Review

The Taxi Licensing Policy is due for review; however, this has been delayed until the outcome of the recently published Government Consultation into Statutory Guidance for Taxi Licensing is known.

In order to renew your operator's licence, you will need to contact us to arrange an appointment to submit your renewal application.

You will need to bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

Please note: any operator licences that are not renewed before the expiry of the former licence will be treated as a new application.

Current licensed private hire operators, as of 15 June 2020:

Licence Number Name of Operator Telephone Number
OP001 LM Travel  01744 340343
OP005 Premier Travel  01744 575264
OP007 David Ashton Travel  01744 27216
OP008 C & R Travel  01744 608844
OP013 J.A.G. Travel  01744 606967
OP014 Travel Co.  01744 608671
OP015 Critchleys Cars  01744 819999
OP016 Uber 'Tap the App'
OP020 CJ's Travel  01942 712222
OP021 Turner Travel  01744 607681
OP022 Cable Cars  01744 609060
OP023 P R Travel  01925 299000
OP024 M Bourne Cars  01925 221155
OP025 Britannia Cars  01744 20022
OP026 Saints Cars  01744 26995
OP027 Latham's Ace Travel  01744 363449
OP184 One Stop Travel  01744 606606
OP030 J K Travel  01744 614004
OP034 A To B Delta  01744 451451
OP040 Delta Merseyside Ltd  'Tap the App'
OP041 Dave's Executive Mini Bus  01925 226446
OP058 Galaxy Travel  01744 361897
OP062 DJ Airport Travel  01744 601219
OP063 Prestige Travel  01744 361168
OP077 Point 2 Point Executive Travel  01744 22952
OP080 Lingholme Travel  01744 607835
OP081 G.O. Travel  01744 24881
OP125 I.C.S Minitravel  01744 820703
OP132 C Bird's Travel & Airport Transfers  01744 302484
OP140 Transfare Travel  0151 3451486
OP141 OLA  'Tap the App'
OP145 Clear Executive Travel  01925 321666
OP156 Roberts Travel  01744 615784
OP160 SJL Travel  01744 302426
OP166 Gemini Travel  01744 334865
OP172 Ellisons Travel Services 0800 917 4917
OP174 Alf's Cars 01744 605384
OP175 Billinge Mini Travel 01744 894533
OP177 Air-Link 'Tap the App'
OP179 BW Airport Travel 01942 727370
OP182 St Helens Private Hire 01744 389286
OP188 Hudsons Travel 01925 967957