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Becoming a licensed operator

You should first contact Planning to ensure you have the correct planning consent in place for your premises.

A private hire operator may only use drivers and vehicles that are licensed by the same authority.

If you want to operate a vehicle as a private hire vehicle, that is, to invite or accept bookings for the vehicle in the course of business, this requires an operator's licence.

It is an offence to operate a private hire vehicle without this licence.

Contact us to arrange appointment: by email or 01744 676770.

When you attend your appointment, you must bring the following:

All new applicants are advised to familiarise themselves with the Taxi Licensing Policy.

Introduction of the option to request a one-year driver or operator licence

The applicant would have to request and state case as to why they required a one-year driver or operator licence as the authority cannot issue them under general circumstances. This option is available to all of the trade and prices for these licences can be found on the fees page.

Taxi Licensing Policy Review

The Taxi Licensing Policy is due for review however, this has been delayed until the outcome of the recently published Government Consultation into Statutory Guidance for Taxi Licensing is known.

In order to renew your operator's licence, you will need to contact us to arrange an appointment to submit your renewal application.

You will need to bring the following documents with you to your appointment:

Please note: any operator licences that are not renewed before the expiry of the former licence will be treated as a new application.