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Guidance, Policies and Published Documents

  1. Taxi Licensing Policy in St Helens - the Taxi Licensing Policy is due for review; however, this has been delayed until the outcome of the recently published Government Consultation into Statutory Guidance for Taxi Licensing is known.
  2. Department of Transport Best Practice Guidance for Taxi Licensing
  3. Relevant Taxi Law, Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1976
  4. Relevant Law (Hackneys), Town Police Clauses Act 1847 
  5. Equality Act 2010
  6. Deregulation Act 2015
  7. Survey of Unmet Demand 2016
  8. Hackney Carriage Fares List
  9. Convictions Policy
  10. Equality Act 2010 Amendments April 2017
  11. Designated WAVs
  12. List of Hackney Carriage Ranks
  13. Improving Vehicle Standards Policy
  14. Mandatory Safeguarding Training
  15. Renewal Information
  16. Licensing a Vehicle for Eight Seats
  17. Hackney Carriage Vehicle Conditions
  18. Private Hire Vehicle Conditions
  19. Enforcement Policy
  20. Executive Travel or Chauffeuring Licensing Requirements