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Contract Drivers

For all enquiries about contract driver licences, please email us.

Contract Driver Procedure and Driver Application

In St Helens we place a high standard on those who wish to provide contract and general transport to those who require it. Although the use of hired transport can be a simple public transaction, sometimes this can involve the transportation of children and vulnerable adults to whom we have a duty of care.

The council holds the safety of those using transport on this basis, within our borough as paramount. As such from April 2020 we will be changing how a driver is registered with us, for contracts the council hold.

Existing contracts will be allowed to continue and no changes will be made to the status of those licensed under this contract until contract renewal/award.

The revised procedure will apply to all new operators or drivers who join the existing contract. Those who are already licensed as contract drivers will remain under the old procedure but please note any renewal will last up to a maximum of the end of the contract. Following this, all drivers and operators will be required to meet the new standard.

Apply for a Contract Drivers Licence

All drivers, vehicles and their operators will need to become licensed in St Helens to access such contracts. This is because the council has committed to extremely high standards for its taxi licensing service and as such, wishes to ensure that anyone wishing to access contracts provided by the council should meet these standards. Find out how to become a licenced driver in St Helens.

Vehicles up to eight seats

Along with the increased checks Licensing carry out, all vehicles which are up to eight seats will be tested and assessed to the same high standard that the taxi fleet undergo at the in-house Transport Section based at Hardshaw Brook Depot. Find more information on licensing a vehicle.

Vehicles over eight seats

These vehicles cannot be tested and assessed in house as the Transport Section does not have the capacity to carry out such testing. Find out how to obtain a test for a vehicle with more than eight seats.

It is considered appropriate, therefore, that those providing these vehicles for use on council contracts disclose the following information:

  • 12-month test history
  • 12-month vehicle maintenance log
  • Appropriate insurance and road tax information

Licensing will maintain this information alongside other contract documents to ensure that those accessing these contracts have a full schedule of up to date information at their disposal.

There will be an administration fee charged at £42.


All operators who wish to access such contracts must obtain an operating licence from St Helens Borough Council. See how to apply for an operator's licence in St Helens.

Existing St Helens Licensed Taxi Drivers

A taxi driver who is licensed with St Helens Borough Council can obtain a contract badge by completing this application form. Completed application forms must be emailed back to us. Payment of £10 will be taken over the phone and the badge will be issued for three years or up until the end of the existing contract if this period is shorter.