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Civil Marriages/ Partnerships

Premises (not churches) that wish to be used as venues for marriage and civil partnerships ceremonies must hold a licence under the Marriages Act 1994 and the Civil Partnership Act 2004. You as the the proprietor or trustee must meet the requirements set out in the Registrar General's Guidance.

How to Apply

You should complete the application form together with three plans (to scale) and the appropriate fee (Fees are payable by Credit/Debit card or cheque)

Before completing the application please view and read our Privacy Policy.

The Registrar General's guidance should be read carefully before completing your application

Once your application is validated the Council will arrange for a public notice, and where necessary an inspection of the premises.

The cost of the public notice and any inspection is covered by the application fee.

The Council must allow 21 days for any representations as a result of the public notice.

At the end of that period the application will be granted if no representations have been received and the inspection is satisfactory.

If granted, licences are valid for three years.

It is in the public interest that the Council as Licensing Authority must process your application before it can be granted. If you have not heard from the authority within ten working days of the application being deposited please email Licensing for a progress report. 

Public Register 

 Currently licensed venues

The Marriage Act 1949 as amended

Civil Partnership Act 2004