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Street trading

We operate a street trading consent scheme for traders such as ice cream and hot food vans. Street trading is not allowed in certain parts of St Helens; these are generally the town centre and areas alongside major roadways where trading could affect highway safety.

In order to obtain an application pack for a street trading consent, together with a copy of street trading consent conditions, please phone 01744 676299 or email environmentalhealth@sthelens.gov.uk.

The cost of street trading consent is £675. This includes a consent plate and two trading badges; additional badges are available for a £36 administration charge.

Before a consent can be issued, the vehicle/mobile unit needs to be inspected in order to ensure compliance with the requirements of the food, health and safety legislation. Once these requirements are satisfied, a street trading consent plate will be provided, which needs to be displayed on the unit. Consents are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

All street trading operatives will be provided with a photo identification trading badge.

The erection of signs or stalls for the sale of produce within the highway, including grass verges, is illegal. Produce can be sold from the land on which it is grown, but signs advertising such facilities must be clear of the highway and may require planning permission. Any unlicensed use of the highway for tables and chairs is an obstruction and may be dealt with by the police.

There are three main types of permission which may have to be obtained before tables and chairs may be placed on a part of the highway.

Planning permission and listed building consent may be required from the council for the use of the land or building for a cafe. There is a fee for this and planning approval must have been granted before an application will be considered by the council.

A licence will be required, from the council as the highway authority, to put tables and chairs out on a public highway, whether it be on the street or a pavement or a pedestrian area. There is a fee for this, payable before a licence can be issued.