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House to House Collections

House to house collections are licensed under the House To House Collections Act 1939.

There are no restrictions on the allocation of dates for house to house collections, nor on the length of the collection (provided it is less than one calendar year). Many collections are carried out by regional or national charitable organisations who hold a Home Office exemption.

A 'house to house collection' does not just mean collecting door to door in a residential area. 'House' includes a place of business so, for example, a collection which includes visits to public houses would also need to be licensed.

How to apply

Submit your application no less than 28 days before the collection is planned to take place. Before completing the application, please view and read our privacy policy.

You may apply for a collection throughout the whole borough or just a particular ward. A promoter may apply for a collection for a period not exceeding one year. The Licensing Authority is normally obliged to grant the licence for the period specified in the application.

We cannot limit the number of such collections to be carried out in one particular area. It is therefore possible that any number of charities will be found collecting legitimately in one street on any particular day of the week.

If your application is refused you will be advised of the appeal procedure in the decision notice.

All applications can be returned to us by post or by email.

There is no fee for this licence.