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Land Charges

Land Charges search enquiries using the CON29R or CON29O enquiry forms, available from the Oyez website, are used in connection with the purchase of land and property.

Enquiries may be submitted by:

  • post
  • DX to St Helens19484
  • email

The email process works as follows:

  • Searches may be submitted directly to our land charges email address (Word documents only).
  • After searches have been checked and validated, an email acknowledgement will be sent, advising you how to make payment for the search.
  • After payment has been received, the search will be processed and returned to you by email.

Enquiries can also be submitted electronically via the National Land Information Service (NLIS) through one of its licensed channels. For further information, please ring 0207 3242 4411 or visit the NLIS website.

Please be aware of the Licensing and Land Charges Privacy Policy.

All enquiries should be submitted together with an up-to-date plan (to scale) with the boundary edged in red.

If you want to identify the property (and surrounding area) that is the subject of your search enquiry, please visit My Location Service.

Over the last 10 years we have consistently achieved a response time of three working days or less for the completion and return of 95% of CON29 enquiries.

Any person wishing to carry out a personal search of the Land Charges Register may make an appointment by telephoning 01744 676288.

The Land Charges Register is held in paper form.

Each premises 'card' identifies any registerable entry and will contain references to areas such as planning consents and Tree Preservation Orders.

If there is no registerable entry relating to the property, there will be no 'card' and you will be advised accordingly.

If you wish to view or obtain copies of any of the documents listed on the register (e.g. planning permissions), you should contact the appropriate council department.

Any person wishing to access public records used in connection with property search enquiries is advised to download the property records enquiries document for contact/appointment details and fees applicable for tailored reports (if required).