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Land Charges

Service Update - Land Charges and COVID-19

Last updated on 28 September 2020

You will be aware that on 23 March 2020, the council along with the country went into official lockdown. Services that could be delivered from home environments continued; unfortunately the area of Land Charges cannot currently be delivered remotely.

As such, it was late May until the service was allowed limited access to its office. The service receives hundreds of requests every month, which are ultimately delivered by a small number of staff. I'm pleased to inform you that we are now able to have some staff back in the office, but we are not yet back to full capacity.

The team are working hard to clear the backlog of requests but this will take some time. We realise the impact this may have but the current situation is not an issue with the service and is solely due to the pandemic.

Please be reassured that all enquiries are being dealt with in order of date received and that we will have them back with you as soon as we can.

If you have any specific enquiries, please email us. This is monitored throughout office hours and you will receive a reply.

Please note: we are now dealing with search enquiries received in the second week of the month of August. Personal search enquiries received in the fourth week of August are now being dealt with.

St Helens Land Charges Register is moving

In late 2020, the St Helens land charges register will be transferred to HM Land Registry.

We will still continue to accept requests for CON29s after the move is completed.

Enquiries may be submitted by:

  • post
  • email

Searches may be submitted directly to our land charges email address (Word documents only).

You may submit a cheque to use made payable to ‘St Helens Council’ with your application; alternatively if you provide us with a daytime contact number we will contact you to pay by card.

All searches are returned by email within a maximum of 10 working days.

Enquiries can also be submitted through the NLIS website.

All enquiries should be submitted together with an up-to-date plan (to scale) with the boundary edged in red.

If you wish to identify the property (and surrounding area) that is the subject of your search enquiry, please visit My Location Service.

Please be aware of the Licensing and Land Charges Privacy Policy.

Current fees

Please click here for the current land charges fees.

Any person wishing to carry out a personal search of the Land Charges Register will need to email us.

The Land Charges Register is held in paper form.

Each premises 'card' identifies any registerable entry and will contain references to areas such as planning consents and Tree Preservation Orders.

If there is no registerable entry relating to the property, there will be no 'card' and you will be advised accordingly.

If you wish to view or obtain copies of any of the documents listed on the register (e.g. planning permissions), you should contact the appropriate council department.