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Applying to be theDesignated Premises Supervisor (DPS) of a Premises

Every premises that authorises the sale of alcohol must specify a person for the role of DPS (Designated Premises Supervisor). 

Before completing an application to be the DPS of a premise please view and read our Privacy Policy.

To apply to be the DPS of a premises, an application form must be completed along with a consent form and the appropriate fee.  

If your personal licence is not held with St Helens Council please send a photocopy of your licence with the application.

You must also submit this to the police.

Once complete you can submit your applications to us by Email or post.

Removing yourself as the DPS of a Premises

If you wish to remove yourself as the DPS of a premises;

  • Complete the application form and return it to our Licensing Email or;
  • Send us an Email or a letter stating that you are no longer the DPS of the premises, along with the date you ceased working at the premises.