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A premises licence is required to authorise the use of licensable activities at a premises.

Licensable activity includes;

  • The sale of alcohol
  • The supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to
  • The provision of late night refreshment (the supply of hot food drink to the public between 23:00 and 5:00)
  • The provision of regulated entertainment (including live and recorded music, plays, films, dancing, indoor sporting events, boxing and wrestling)

Before completing the application please view and read our Privacy Policy.

To submit an application you will need to either post it into us and send it to all the responsible authorities, or alternatively you can submit your application by email.

  • The relevant application form
  • A notice to be displayed on the premises during the representation period (on blue paper)
  • The application must be advertised in the local press
  • Copy of the premises plan (must show entrances, exits, fire exits, licensable areas, etc)
  • The fee
  • If the application includes alcohol, the consent form for the proposed designated premise supervisor.

The application and supporting documents must also be submitted to the responsible authorities.

If we receive the application via email or the online form system we will this to them on your behalf.

Please be aware that the application must be advertised in the premises and in the local press.

To transfer a premises licence you can follow the process below.

You must also have gained consent from the current licence holder in order to transfer the licence. In most cases the transfer of a premises licence can only be done with the consent of the current licence holder, but there are some exceptions to this where consent may not be required at all. This would apply if the applicant is able to prove that they have:

  • Taken all reasonable steps to obtain consent from the current licence holder; or
  • The applicant wants the transfer to take immediate affect. 

The documents you must complete in order to transfer a licence include:

A copy of the application form and the consent form must also be forwarded onto the police.