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Think Before You Tan - Sunbed Safety

Think Before You Tan

Sunbed Salons have to be compliant with certain Health & Safety Laws but it is also vital that users take precautions when using them.

You must:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Think about why you want to use a sunbed
  • Consider your skin type
  • Be careful about how long you use a sunbed for each time & over time

Health & Safety Visits

All sunbed businesses in St.Helens were visited by our officers in 2016 with the aim of ensuring that they were compliant with the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and Sunbed (Regulations) Act 2010 and not exceeding the UV Emissions Levels set by the European Standard BS EN 60335-2.27:2013.  

We were pleased that ALL of the businesses cooperated fully with the inspectors and all were found to be compliant with the law.

However, if you are ever considering using a sunbed please ensure you follow all appproriate restrictions and guidelines.

The message Think Before You Tan is clear - and it doesn't just apply to sunbeds.

Therefore if you spend time in the sun it is appropriate to take proper precautions such as wearing the right clothes, suncreams and hats and not spending too much time in direct sunlight.

Also, under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, employers have a duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of their employees. If you work outside for a prolonged period of time e.g. as a gardener or your child attends a private nursery, assessments are required to determine what controls need to be in place to prevent sun over-exposure.  These controls could include:

* the provision of hats
* ensuring the use of sun cream
* allowing regular short breaks with water to keep hydrated
* where practical, restricting work and outdoor play during the hotter parts of the day

The links at the foot of this page have detailed information and advice for businesses and members of the public regarding the risks associated with the use of sunbeds and exposure to the sun, together with the simple controls you can take to safeguard your own and others' health.

If you would like further information then please contact the Commercial Services Team on 01744 676299 or email Environmental Health.