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We are proud to support the businesses in the town when it comes to health and wellbeing.

We currently have a number of schemes running in the town.

This page details who the award winners are and the work that we are currently doing.

If you would like any more information about the awards or you would like to nominate a childminder, chip shop or takeaway, please email our Community and Business Health Promotions Officer or telephone on 01744 676333.

St Helens Council is currently running a number of awards:

The Childminders' Healthy Eating Award – which recognises the important role childminders play in the health and wellbeing of the children and young people in their care. 

The Chip Fryer Award – which recognises the best practice of our local chip shops to reduce the amount of fat absorbed during the cooking process. And remember that you should always be asked if you want salt and vinegar with your chips!

The HOST (Healthier Options St Helens Takeaways) – which is working with local takeaways to reduce salt or fat in their dishes.

Chip Fryer Awards

The Chip Fryer Award recognises the best practice that chip shops do to produce a great tasting, healthier chip.

Current Platinum Chip Fryer Award Holders

  • Chipmunk, 150 Thatto Heath Road
  • Frydays Extension View
  • Crispy Cod, 17 Kenyons Lane South          
  • Blackbrook Supper Bar, 55 Blackbrook Road        
  • Haydock Supper Bar, 113 West End Road
  • Rainhill Fish Bar, Warrington Road             
  • Crisp E Cod, Hoghton Road
  • Tanan's, 27 Westfield Street        
  • Newtown Fish Bar, 167 Cambridge Road
  • The Town Fryer, 39 Hall Street    
  • Billinge Supper Bar, 159 Main Street
  • Chip Pan, 70 Station Road
  • The Tasty Corner, 55-57 Greenfield Road
  • North Road Chippy, 27 North Road

 Current Gold Chip Fryer Award Holders

  • Chipmunk, Boundary Road
  • The Cod Father, Hard Lane
  • Ackies, Leach Lane
  • Nelson Chippery, 35 Bridge Street
  • Maria's Plaice, 71 Elephant Lane
  • Crispy Cod, 175 Knowsley Road
  • Newton Fish Bar, 66 Crown Street
  • Marg's Fish and Chip Shop, 87 Balfour Street

HOST Award

The HOST (Healthier Options St Helens Takeaways) pledge is looking at those businesses who are making a real effort to reduce the amount of salt, fat and sugar across their menus.


We are asking your business to sign up to the following pledges:

Essential Pledges

  • We are actively promoting smaller portions
  • We offer water as part of our meal deals
  • We are actively working towards reducing the amount of salt in our meals
  • We are actively working towards reducing the amount of fat we use in dishes

Additional pledges

  • We promote our cooking methods ie if something is oven baked
  • We only use fruit tinned in natural fruit juice
  • We only use tinned vegetables that come in water

Childminders Healthy Eating Award


The Childminders' Healthy Eating Award aims to recognise the hard work that the childminders in our town do when it comes to encouraging healthy eating with the children they work with.

List of award winners:

  • Lynsey Thomas, Childminder
  • Dawn Green, Registered Childminder
  • Little Ladybirds Childminding – Zoe Ashton
  • Louise Marie Dailey
  • Caterpillar Childminder – Louise Marie Kinnard
  • Lynne's Little Explorers – Lynne Fairhurst
  • Carole Rigby
  • Sarah Louise Appleton
  • Angela Davies
  • Little Tinkers Childminding Service – Terri Beddow
  • Becci Maloney
  • Sally Ann Ambage
  • Susan Watters
  • Zoe's Child Care – Zoe Spark
  • Susan Thornley
  • Nicola King
  • Debbie Maddox
  • Janet Ashton
  • Butterflies Childminding Services – Emma Cullen