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The Chip Fryer Awards

Blue Chip Fryer Award


The Chip Fryer Awards are about acknowledging the small changes that your business can make to produce a healthier chip.

To achieve the Gold, or even the Platinum standard, businesses must adopt certain cooking and preparation processes that result in a chip that not only tastes better, but also contains up to 40% less saturated fat.

Once all criteria are achieved and authenticated by the Environmental Health team, your business will be awarded the Gold Chip Fryer Award or the Platinum Chip Fryer Award.

People are becoming more aware of their health and well-being, so like to keep an eye on what they are eating on a daily basis. 

However, most people don't necessarily want to stop enjoying a treat every now and then and that's where you can come in!

The benefits to your customers are clear - but check out the benefits to you too!

To apply for The Chip Fryer Awards, email the Environmental Health Section or telephone 01744 676333.

If your business meets all the criteria, you will be issued with the appropriate certificate and window sticker to advertise on the premises. You will also be added to our online list, below.

Please note that all businesses who qualify will be subject to reassessment to ensure that they are still meeting the criteria outlined in the award.

Reassessments will take place when the business receives its general inspection for food hygiene and safety.

Current Platinum Chip Fryer Award Holders:

  • Robins Plane Chippy, Robins Lane
  • Crispy Cod, 17 Kenyons Lane South                
  • Haydock Supper Bar, 113 West End Road
  • Rainhill Fish Bar, Warrington Road             
  • Crisp E Cod, Hoghton Road
  • Newtown Fish Bar, 167 Cambridge Road
  • The Town Fryer, 39 Hall Street    
  • Billinge Supper Bar, 159 Main Street
  • Chip Pan, 70 Station Road
  • Chipmunk, 150 Thatto Heath Road
  • Nelson Chippery, 35 Bridge Street

 Current Gold Chip Fryer Award Holders:


  • Chipmunk, Boundary Road
  • Maria's Plaice, 71 Elephant Lane
  • Newton Fish Bar, 66 Crown Street
  • Marg's Fish and Chip Shop, 87 Balfour Street
  • The Village Chippy, 6 Ormskirk Road
  • Tasty Corner, 57 Greenfield Road
  • Bryoney's Bistro, 2 George Street