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Childminders' Healthy Eating Award

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This award is to recognise the excellent work that childminders do to encourage healthy eating with the children that they work with.

We felt that there was a gap when it came to recognising the work that childminders do.

The nurseries have the Healthy Early Years Status (HEYS) and the schools have the Tasty Tuck award.

We are proud to introduce an award for childminders.

We have some amazing childminders in the town who are showing great commitment to healthy eating.

We believe that if children learn healthy habits from an early age that they will make healthier choices as they get older.

The award is open to all registered childminders in St Helens and in many cases it acknowledges the hard work that are they already doing!

The award is free and open to all registered Childminders in St Helens.

Please email Teresa Mercer or telephone on 01744 676333.

There are a number of items available for you to download.

We would like childminders to feel involved in this site.

If you would like to submit any recipes, games or activities around healthy eating we would like to upload them to a template and share them with others. You will of course be acknowledged for your contributions.

  • Lynsey Thomas Childminder
  • Dawn Green Registered Childminder
  • Little Ladybirds Childminding – Zoe Ashton
  • Caterpillar Childminder - Louise Marie Kinnard
  • Lynne's Little Explorers – Lynne Fairhurst
  • Carole Rigby
  • Angela Davies
  • Sally Ann Ambage
  • Susan Watters
  • Zoe's Child Care – Zoe Spark
  • Susan Thornley
  • Nicola King
  • Debbie Maddox
  • Butterflies Childminding Services- Emma Mehrjouei
  • ZooZoo Childcare - Victoria & Gareth Howard
  • Cheeky Monekey's - Malaurie Burns
  • Helen Louise Turner
  • Lisa Bryon
  • Helen Harrison
  • Alison Hill

Think before you Tan

St Helens Councils Environmental Health, Commercial Services and Trading Standards team in conjunction with Public Health, are launching the “Think before you Tan” Campaign

The aims of the campaign are:

  • to raise the awareness of the health risks of using a sunbed and sun exposure
  • to raise the awareness of the minimum age for a person to use a sunbed
  • to improve the standards for the health, safety and welfare in sunbed salons with regards to employees and users
  • to educate sunbed operators (business owners) on the health, safety and welfare requirements
  • to ensure the irradiance radiation levels for the sunbeds provided are compliant with required safe levels
  • to advise businesses of their responsibility to protect their employees from excessive sun exposure

There is sufficient evidence to show that overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main preventable cause of skin cancers – both malignant melanoma and non- melanoma skin cancers (NMSC). The sun is the principal source of natural UV radiation. Sunbeds produce artificial UV radiation.

A study published in 2011 estimated that 86% of melanomas in the UK (around 11,100 cases) every year are linked to too much exposure to sunlight and sunbed use. Therefore, it is important we raise as much awareness as possible.

To raise the awareness of the residents of St Helens promotional material, such as, posters will be displayed in public buildings and other locations within the Borough.

More information is available on the cancer research website, which has useful resources for lesson plans and activities to educate preschool children on important sun safety messages.