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St Helens Registration Service - How are we doing?

Key Performance Targets For St Helens Register Office

Level of performance measured against the following key performance targets for registration.


Waiting Times

Attainment Level % (Target 95% appointment availability)

Where an appointment system is operated ensure availability of an appointment within the agreed timescales:

 (i) Birth registration/declaration within 5 working days.




(ii) Still-birth registration/declaration within 2 working days.


(iii) Death registration/declaration within 2 working days.


(iv) Notices for marriage and civil partnership within 10 working days and therefore to allow the marriage/CP to proceed at a time and venue of the customer’s choice where reasonable and practical.


Customer Satisfaction

Attainment Level % (Target 95% satisfied customers)

Customers should be dealt with courteously, with sensitivity and in a personalised manner. To evaluate this and other aspects of service delivery, the customer should be asked a set of questions covering:

  • Courteousness;
  • Accessibility (e.g. initial contact and location):
  • Appointment availability
  • Office accommodation;
  • Future service provision /planning needs (optional).