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Converting your Civil Partnership into a Marriage

You can convert your civil partnership into a marriage at the St Helens Register Office

Conversion is by appointment with the Superintendent Registrar and you will need to provide your Civil Partnership certificate, evidence of identity and address. You will be required to sign a declaration to confirm your Civil Partnership has not been dissolved and that you both wish to convert your Civil Partnership to a marriage. You will be issued with a 'conversion certificate' which is backdated to the date that your Civil Partnership was originally formed. 

The fee for converting a Civil Partnership into a marriage at a register office is £49 (including certificate). Please note that this is an administrative appointment and not a ceremony.  

If you choose to have an additional celebration by having a non-statutory ceremony at a venue of your choice, then the following ceremony fees will apply:

April 2018 - March 2019

  • Ceremony Room - (up to 60 people):
  • Monday to Thursday £200; Friday £230; Saturday £260
  • Approved Venue:
  • Monday to Thursday £275; Friday £300; Saturday £350; Sunday £400; Bank Holiday £450 

Please note that there is an additional administrative conversion fee of £27 for a ceremony at a venue.

Contact us to book an appointment for a civil partnership conversion