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Can I make a claim for Housing Benefit?

Housing costs are a large part of most people's expenses. If you do not own your home, you will probably pay rent. Housing Benefit is a national welfare benefit scheme that helps people on low incomes pay the rent for the home they live in.

You cannot claim Housing Benefit if you are working age and are making a claim for the first time (unless you live in supported or temporary accommodation). If you have made a claim for or are in receipt of Universal Credit, your housing costs will be paid along with your Universal Credit payment. 

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For more advice and assistance, you can visit Shelter's Housing Benefit Advice section.

You can claim Housing Benefit if you or your partner pay rent for the home in which you and your family live. By 'partner' we mean:

  • a person you are married to
  • a person you live with as if you are married to them
  • a civil partner you live with
  • a person you live with as if you are civil partners

You can claim Housing Benefit if you have to pay:

  • rent to housing association
  • rent or a licence fee for a private accommodation
  • site charges for caravans and mobile homes
  • charges made for accommodation in hostels
  • accommodation charges for boarders

Some people cannot claim Housing Benefit:

  • people who own their own home
  • those who live with a landlord who is a close relative
  • people who live in registered residential and nursing homes
  • most working age people making a claim for the first time
  • those who's housing costs are paid through Universal Credit