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Apply for a permit Guidance Notes

St Helens Borough Council Car Park Permit Scheme Guidance Notes

Below are guidance notes on setting up your account and buying your permit. Please note that APCOA are the Council's parking enforcement contractor and although their details are shown on the documents relating to your account, the permit scheme is managed by St Helens Borough Council. If you have any queries or need any assistance, please contact us at St Helens Borough Council by emailing us at

All car park permits will now be virtual - so there will be nothing issued to you to display in your vehicle; all information relevant to your permit will be stored on the Parking Enforcement Officers' handheld computer.


Creating an Account

Please access St Helens Borough Council website and under Parking services, select the car park permit page where you will be able to create a new account as follows.

  • Click on 'Create an account'
  • Choose Account Type - St Helens Car Park Permit Account
  • Enter your email
  • Complete your personal details
  • Click finish

You will receive an email from the Car Parking Team at APCOA confirming your account registration - click the link in this email to confirm and activate your account.


Car Park Permit

  • Log into your account and select 'Permit Application'
  • Select your Permit Category - St Helens Car Park Permit
  • Complete the required details marked with *
  • Your virtual permit will be direct issue upon payment unless you choose a start date which can be up to one month in advance
  • You can register 2 vehicles against your permit - only one of which can be parked on your chosen car park at any time - changing the number of vehicles to 2 will bring up an additional vehicle registration field
  • Once all required fields are completed click next - this brings up an application review page which allows you to check all your details before proceeding to payment
  • Once you are happy that all application details are correct click proceed and continue to 'Make Payment'

Once you have completed your online permit application and paid for your virtual permit it becomes live in the system unless you have chosen a future start date.

You will receive an email to say that your permit has now been activated and you can then park on your chosen car park.


Other Car Park Permits

Please note that the following permits are not general car park permits and are either not currently available or you will be required to upload specific supporting documentation to progress an application.

  • Shift Worker Permit - your employer will have notified you if you are eligible for this permit and informed you of the supporting documentation you will need to supply
  • St Helens - Car Park Permit - Tontine MSCP - only current holders of a permit for this car park are eligible to apply for this permit
  • St Helens - Resident Car Park Permit - not currently available to anyone

None of the above permits are direct issue, your application will be reviewed by the Parking Services Team and will be rejected if you do not fulfil the specific criteria

If you do fulfil the specific criteria and have provided the supporting documentation required, the Parking Services Team will process your application.

You will receive an email offering you your permit and directing you to proceed to payment


Permit Activation

Once you have completed you permit application and paid the relevant fee, your permit will become live in the system and you can begin parking on your chosen car park.

If you have chosen a future start date you will need to pay for your parking until that date.


Permit Renewal

Your permit is valid for your chosen 6 or 12 months; as your permit expiry date approaches, you will receive 'reminder to renew' emails at 30 and 7 days prior to expiry date.

You will need to log into your account to renew.