The Merseyside Authorities Permit Scheme (MAPS)

What is a permit scheme?

Permit schemes provide an alternative to the notification system (in accordance with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991), instead of informing an Authority of their intention to carry out works, the activity promoter will have to book time on the highway by obtaining a permit. 

Objectives of the permit scheme

  • Reduce occupation of the highway to benefit all road users
  • Obtain greater control of all activities on the public highway
  • Minimise / avoid / manage delays to all road users
  • Enhance co-ordination of all activities on the highway
  • Achieve an improvement in air quality
  • Enhance safety of all road users at road and street activities
  • Reduce potential incidents / accidents at road activities
  • Improve public perception of managing road activities
  • Enhance reliability of journey times
  • Enhance journey experience
  • Reduce long-term damage to the highway asset
  • Encourage collaborative activities between all activity promoters
  • Enhance reliability of activities taking place at a particular time, especially on the strategic road network.

St Helens Council’s Application was approved by the Department for Transport on 19th December 2011 and will come into effect on Tuesday 10th April 2012. 

Activities requiring a Permit

Registerable activities such as street works – work on plant and apparatus in the street by undertakers in accordance with Part 3 of The New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 and works for road purposes – maintenance and improvement works to the road itself carried out by, or on behalf of St Helens Council.

For further information on registerable activities please visit Chapter 9 of the Code of Practice for Permits:

Streets covered by the Permit Scheme

The permit scheme will apply to all maintainable highways in the St Helens Borough.  If you would like a current street listing please contact the Street Works Section at:

Immediate Activities

Where the activity promoter identifies the requirement for traffic control on immediate activities the Permit Authority must be telephoned immediately on 01744 676382 during office hours and out of hours 01744 676728. 

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