St Mary's Market

St Mary's Market has a light and airy feel, reminiscent of a traditional market hall, but with all the modern-day comforts of today's shopping world, making a visit a shopping experience.

Space light and colour are key elements of the market and other attractive features include a bistro, designed to provide the atmosphere of a pavement cafe.

As well a being a pleasure to vist, the market also has a keen eye for prices and makes sure its customers get choice and value for money. Shoppers will find first-class service with professional help on hand whenever needed.

Market Features

The first aspect of St Mary's you will notice is the breathtaking exterior of the building.  A waterfall of glass cascades down the front, to give a modern and fresh feel to the market. Once inside, the layout complements the exterior with spacious aisles giving the illusion of being outdoors.

After shopping, why not have a bite to eat at the mouth watering Cafe/Bistro, with the varied menu on offer you're sure to find something to suit everyone's taste. The location of the market means that visiting couldn't be simpler, as the positioning of St Mary's market adapts with the expanding town centre and the growing collection of retail parks which are evolving in St Helens.

The quality of service provided in St Mary's market is second to none, so customers always know that they will receive the highest individual attention six days a week Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 5.00pm.


There is ample parking in the town centre multistorey car parks, located off Chalon Way, and disabled parking can be found in Foundry Street. The Shop Mobility site is located in the Chalon Way multi-storey car park giving easy access. St Mary's car park is located just off the ring road on Chalon Way East.

St Mary's has the benefit of a regular bus service, stopping at the front of the market at its own dedicated bus stop.

Car Parks in St Helens

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