Chalon Way Car Boot Sale

The Chalon Way Car Boot Sale takes place every Sunday (except Christmas & New year) on Chalon way multi-storey car park, which is situated next to the World of Glass Museum.  To book a place, please use our online Booking Form.

Prohibited Goods

  • All counterfeit goods or copy goods including C/D's DVD's and Videos
  • Newspapers
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Catalogue returns or seconds and damaged stock
  • Weapons of all description
  • Under Health and Saftey the following second hand goods are prohibited from sale all cookers and fires (gas/electric) all washing machines and fridges, all cosmetic and toiletries, all babies and children's car seats. Persons found found selling prohibited goods will asked to remove the goods from sale or to leave the site immediately.
  • food and drinks of any description unless authorised by St Helens Council.
  • Please keep in mind there is NO SMOKING inside the multi-storey car park.

The Market Officers are required as part of their official duties to inspect all items brought onto the site. All goods brought onto the site will be deemed for sale, whether packed in a vehicle or displayed on a pitch. I would be grateful if would help the Market Officer by complying with the above.

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