Historical Searches

Please Note: We apologise that due to technical issues, we cannot provide our Funeral Records Search Facility at the moment. We aim to restore to normal service as soon as possible and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The indexes in a St Helens Register office relate only to births, deaths, civil partnerships and marriages which occurred within St Helens. 

If you are trying to trace your family history you can apply for Certificate Copies

You could also write or email us providing as many details of the event as you can.  Please remember to enclose a contact telephone number. 

Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm, Wednesday 9.00am to 12.30pm Closed Wednesday afternoon.

Searches of the Indexes

The Register Office requires specific information in order to conduct your search.  We will usually search the indexes for a maximum of 5 years around the date you supply. If a wider search is required you will need to apply to make a general search in the indexes.

General Searches at The Register Office

During a general search, you can search the indexes at the Register Office for up to 6 hours. The fee to conduct a search is £18.00. 

You will need to arrange with the Superintendent Registrar when it is convenient for you to visit.  You can only search the indexes (names of persons registered) not the registers themselves. If you then wish to buy any certificates, you can do so by completing an application form and paying the appropriate fee.

If you are unsure whether a reference found in the indexes relates to the family member you are searching for,  the registrar will check the register on your behalf prior to your purchase. However, any additional information from the entry can only be made available by buying a certificate. 

The cost of checking the first 8 references is covered by the General Search fee of £18.00, but an additional charge will be made for any further reference checking.   

Any births or deaths which happened at Whiston Hospital are not available from St Helens Register Office they are available from Knowsley Register Office.  

St Helens Register Office
Central Street
St Helens
WA10 1UJ

Tel : 01744 676789

Email : registryoffice@sthelens.gov.uk


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