Collection Dates

If you want to know your collection dates

If you know your postcode and house number, you can find out your next collection dates and print your own collection calendar, by using our handy Collection Dates feature!

Please note that calendars are individual to each property, and your collection dates may be different to your neighbours - sometimes properties on the same street are collected on different days. If you are having problems finding your collection day, please let us know so that we can check our records for you.

When will my rubbish be collected?

St Helens residents enjoy the benefits of having all their collections on the same day each week. The recycling containers are collected weekly with the brown landfill bin and green garden waste bin alternating each week.

If there is a change to our collection service due to bank holidays, or circumstances beyond our control, we will always try to let you know in advance.

If you need to arrange for large items to be collected, you can do this by using our online Bulky Rubbish Collection service, or by telephoning our Contact Centre to make an appointment. 

We will also provide facilities for you to recycle your household waste.

You can request black boxes, blue bags, pink bags and kitchen & kerbside caddies by using our online Bin Ordering service.  Alternatively, you can telephone our Contact Centre, who will be happy to order for you.

Public Holidays

There could be a change to your collection day around a public holdiay.

Please refer to your personal recycling calendar. If you don't have one you can check your dates online using our online calendar

Points to note

  • Please place your recycling containers out for 6.30am on your collection day
  • Your brown and green bins needs to be out by 6.30am
  • Your containers need to be on the pavement in clear view of the road
  • To prevent contamination rinse your food tins and jars - no food should remain in any items
  • Please put the bin out to the edge of your property for emptying and collect it after emptying. You can apply for an assisted collection if you are unable to do this.

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