Early Help Children's Centres

Sure Start Children's Centres

St Helens Children's Centres offer a wide variety of family time groups to provide great social opportunities for children and parents/carers to meet in a friendly atmosphere. Children get the chance to learn new songs, listen to stories, play with a variety of toys and, most importantly, socialise with other children.

They also link with a number of partner agencies to provide:

  • Health and Maternity Services
  • Weaning Parties
  • Speech & Language Therapy
  • Child Development Checks
  • Midwifery Clinics
  • Jobseekers support available from Job Centre Plus
  • Volunteering Opportunities - Make a difference in your community!
  • Parenting Advice and Family Support
  • Parenting Programmes and training
  • Education and Training Opportunities for Parents
  • Community Services such as Ward Meetings, Tot’s Plot and SHOOTS Food Co-operative

How do I register or join?

Download and complete the Children's Centre registration form and return to 'Freepost, Sure Start St Helens'.  Please read our privacy note.


Pop into your local Children's Centre and fill in the form.

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