£1.7-million scheme to save energy and reduce carbon footprint approved.

Cabinet members at St. Helens Council have approved a £1.7-million scheme to save on energy costs and improve the carbon footprint.

The council operates 23,500 street lights and the energy consumption costs have risen from £457,875 in 2002/3 to £1.301-million last year. The new project will save £212,000 a year.

The council already leads an award winning partnership with three other European local councils to look at ways to reduce street lighting energy costs. The project aims to reduce the amount of energy consumed by street lighting by using new technologies which will also achieve significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions. St.Helens partners in the BLISS project (Better Lighting in Sustainable Streets) are Eindhoven, Interleuven and Kaiserslautern. The latest project proposes to:

  • Replace lights with new ‘white light’ energy efficiency technology on main roads and residential streets
  • More low energy LED units to be installed in existing columns
  • Using more reflective road signs and removal of non-essential lit signs
  • Improvements to town centres and car parking areas to better control energy use

Councillor Richard McCauley, Cabinet Member for Environmental Protection and Safer Communities said: “The council is committed to reducing the carbon footprint and doing all it can to keep costs down as we continue to lose millions of pounds in government grant. If we do nothing we will be paying much higher energy costs in the future.”

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