Launch of first visual open art for young people.

Youth Open ArtA brand new visual open art competition for young people up to the age of 16 has been launched by St. Helens Council.

Selected works showcasing the artistic and creative talent of young people from across the borough will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition in The Godfrey Pilkington Art Gallery in The World of Glass, Chalon Way. The exhibition will run from 23rd March – 18th May.

The competition, which launches today (February 6) is free to enter and welcomes any form of artwork including; drawing, glass, textiles, sculpture, painting, printmaking, mixed media, photography and digital media.

Entries can be submitted between Monday 4th March – Friday 15th March, 9.00am – 4.00pm at St.Augustine of Canterbury Catholic High School

The prominence of the arts scene in St.Helens really has grown over the last few years. The competition is the perfect platform to encourage children and young people to not only get involved but to draw attention to their talents.

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